Here are some samples of Web Site designs.

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Ruth and Beverly - the year is 1944 Beverly’s on-line book

“My Religion is a Lot Like the Game of Baseball”
The case cover of the CD "Awake My Soul and Sing!".

CD recording of Favorite Hymns
done in unique styling, not found
anywhere else in the world

Awake My Soul and Sing!

Bonnie Hansen, Fashion Historian, as Martha Washington Vintage Nouveau – Fashions From the Past
Heartland School of the Violin Heartland School of the Violin
The Loula Long-Combs Driving Experience Loula Long-Combs Driving Experience
R. A. Long R. A. Long Historical Society
A scene at the lake at "Foxwood Springs Living Center" retirement community. Foxwood Springs,
a retirement community

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Web Site Design “Ingredients”

All of the Web Sites have easy navigation as their main characteristic.  The site for Foxwood Springs Living Center has been constructed in such a way as to comply with the “Americans With Disabilities Act” which means that it can be navigated by persons with sight impairments (even blind persons can “see” the site, having the content read to them by a “reader program”).  The Foxwood Springs web site is also unique in that a committee of Foxwood residents provides the content and pictures and decides on its structure.

Other characteristics of these web sites include:

  • Simplicity - not a lot of distracting “motion graphics.”

  • No advertising.

  • Pictures are plentiful for interest yet constructed for relatively quick page downloading.

  • Limited “text graphics.”

  • Pictures have “roll-over” captions which work even when visitors have “graphics turned off.”

  • Designed with easy-reading text columns.

  • Content is intended to inform.

  • Structure is compatible with different browsers, different size monitors, and different operating systems.

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